New IDE logging changes against entire Apex code base?

I recently started using the new IDE plugin (in Eclipse Kepler). Since that happened, today I looked in the Setup Audit Trail log and was shocked to see that against my name there have been over 50,000 code changes in the last few days!

It appears that whenever I edit & save a single file from the IDE, somehow 100% of the code gets a “Changed XXX Apex Class code” event logged against it, even though a diff shows that nothing actually changed in the files I didn’t edit. This seems impossible, since the saves only take 1-2 seconds max.

Has anybody seen this, and can anybody shed light on how to prevent it? Or if it is caused by the IDE, or possibly a Tooling API or platform bug? It’s a huge annoyance and quite disturbing to my client’s admin team 🙂


I had seen this before.
Eclipse IDE may deploy the whole project after it crashed and restarted.Not allways but there has this risk.I don’t sure that it is IDE’s bug.

I recommend you to use Sublime Text3 instead of Eclipse,it is awesome.
Reference the following page and you can easily setup it.
Setup an awesome Salesforce developer environment with Sublime Text 3

Source : Link , Question Author : jkraybill , Answer Author : Xiaoan Lin

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