No Option for “SFDX:Authorize an Org” command in VS Code Command Palette

I have performed below steps-

  • Install CLI
  • Install extensions “Salesforce Extension Pack” and “Saleforce CLI Itegration”

I am getting only few SFDX command options in Command Palette. Also i have tried uninstall VS Code multiple times but issue still persists.

Please suggest if i am missing some steps here.

enter image description here


Oh, I know the answer. You have to create a project first. Then and only then the other commands will become available for you

Well, yeah. That’s the answer. But just to make it cleaner for you. All the commands, that exists in the palette works with scratch orgs, which can’t be used outside a project, because of project-scratch-org.json file, that defines the shape of your scratches

Source : Link , Question Author : Pramod Singh , Answer Author : being of habits

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