No remoted actions found to resolve after rerender

i am creating a select element in visualforce and making its options using remote visualforce
//cant give complete code but its returning a list string

   public static List<String> getFlowList(){
      List<String> x = new List<String>(ss);
   return x;

in visualforce a small snippet of code is

      <tr><td style="text-align:right"> Flow Name :</td><td>
      <select id="flowList" style="margin-left:10px"></select>
              <apex:commandButton id="submitBtn" value="Submit" style="text-align:right;" onclick="ClickEventHandler()" rerender="form"/>
 window.onload =function(){
        console.log('coming here');
        '{!$RemoteAction.Sample.getFlowList}',function(result, event){
               console.log('result is');
               var options='';

               for(var x=0;x< result.length;x++)
                  options+='<option value='+result[x]+'>'+result[x]+'</option>';
                  document.getElementById('flowList').innerHTML = options;       


after clicking button its give me visualforce error

No remoted actions found to resolve '$RemoteAction.Sample.getFlowList'
Error is in expression '{!$RemoteAction.Sample.getFlowList}' in component <apex:form> in page sample

can any one please tell why i am facing this error and how to resolve it ??


In your VF Page, check the controller attribute, whether it points to your Apex class. After pointing my VF page to the controller it started working fine for me.

Source : Link , Question Author : user133421 , Answer Author : Sabarish

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