No results on Google Search in normal mode, but results in incognito?

In normal browsing mode, when I search for “pimp scroll bar html”, I get no results:


However on Incognito mode (for Google Chrome), suddenly I get results:

I disabled all my extensions, and yet the problem is still there. Why does this happen?

EDIT: I tried logging out of my google account, and for some BIZZARE reason, now the search works properly. Why would me being logged in stop the searches from appearing?


This is a really silly situation.

The answer really only deserves a single line: I had safe search turned on.

Somehow I took a screenshot of that, and didn’t notice.

(In the 0.0001% chance somebody needs to know, you can just turn safe search off by clicking the gear at the top right of the page (under your account picture)).

Source : Link , Question Author : Joshua Lin , Answer Author : Joshua Lin

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