Notes is not visible in utility bar

Recently i started enabling lightning for an instance, in the process came through utility bar which helps us a lot for easy navigation. But ran into a problem when i try to add Notes component which comes as out of box.

Utility Bar

But on the layout we are not seeing this notes utility,apart from notes all other utilities are visible on the layout.

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Along with enabling it on utility bar do we need to do any thing more to bring this utility in the utility bar?

Just observed seems to be i have to enable notes in Lightning experience – after enabling this i am able to see notes tab in utility bar, but wondering will it allow us to take any notes or is it just to see the existing notes as read only.
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You will have to enable Notes within Lightning Experience for the ‘Notes’ item to show up in the utility bar. Refer to this article for how-to.

That article might be somewhat outdated, but here what it says (in case that link gets dissolved):

To turn on Notes within Lightning Experience, follow these steps:

Setup > Setup Home > Lightning Experience > Notes > Set Up Notes >
Edit Note Settings > Enable Notes

Going forward, this will be the only way to utilize Notes within
Lightning. If this is not enabled, the Notes and Attachments related
list in Lightning will only be available for Attachments. The New
Notes feature may also be called “Enhanced Notes” in some
documentation which can lead to confusion. Notes and Enhanced Notes
reference the same Feature.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Rajasekhar , Answer Author : Lightning Evangelist

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