Parent to child on trigger update

I have two object X and Y. Y is child of X. Object X is having a field called Title (Long Text Area). I want to show this field on Y also. Cross-reference formula field will not work since Title is a Long Text Area field. I don’t want to write a trigger on object X since there are many triggers on X and it might hit governor limits. Is there any way to do so? Any thoughts?


Option 1) Trigger on the parent object X to monitor for changes to title and cascade to child object Y

Option 2) Inline visualforce page on child Object Y that queries the Long Text Area from parent object X (from @Vijay_Prakash)

Regarding option 1, this is typically a pretty light weight operation, you just need N query rows, N dml rows, 1 query, and 1 dml, where N is the number of child Object Y related to parent Object X. If you’re ensuring your trigger only processes changes for a particular parent Object X if the Long Text Area changes (see this answer for more discussion).

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