Point visualforce site to a domain

I need to access my public site from an existing domain . I have created cname records in godaddy but i am unable to access my public site. Domain name automatically redirecting me to my salesforce home screen.
Let us say mahe.com is my domain in GoDaddy and I want to access my salesforce public site by hitting the URL mahe.com/AddNew


I think the only linkages required are the Domain, the DNS record and the Custom URL in Salesforce.

Have you configured all these three things?

  1. From Setup > Domain Management > Domains, add your domain www.[your-domain].com


  2. At your DNS service, add a CNAME record on www for [your-org-id].live.siteforce.com


  3. Via Setup > Domain Management > Custom URLs fill out the Domain, Site, and Path

    Custom URL

Source : Link , Question Author : Mahesh , Answer Author : Matt and Neil

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