Possible values returned from the _messagecontext personalisation string

I’m following the personalization string documentation and need clarification on the _messagecontext string. Specifically, I want to understand under what context the following values would be returned. The provided descriptions resemble a translated fortune cookie:

  • VIEWSENT “Display the non-subscriber link to preview content”
  • VALIDATION “Display information corresponding to the validate option in Marketing Cloud”
  • LINKRESOLUTION “Display resolved dynamic script at click time”
  • SITE “Display CloudPage content”

I would have assumed that the last value (SITE) is returned when content is viewed on a page in CloudPages, but that has the value LANDINGPAGE (for both CloudPage resource files and landing pages), so I’m still at a loss on this one. If anyone could shed any light on these four values, I’d be eternally grateful.


Source : Link , Question Author : Eliot Harper , Answer Author : Community

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