Printable ERD from Salesforce that you can Edit

I built a solution for a customer and I want to pull the ERD from the Salesforce instance and have the ability to edit it.

I know there are a few tools and the Schema builder in Salesforce but none of them give you good export functionality that then allows you to edit afterwards in Visio, OMNI or online tool.

Does anyone know a good tool to extract the ERD that then allows you to edit it afterwards?


You can use products like DBAmp or Informatica Replicator which will create a SQL Database based on your Salesforce schema. Then you can use Visio to read the SQL Server database schema. I know that DBAmp, might now be called ForceAmp, used to have documentation to do just this sort of thing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kris Moyse , Answer Author : caleb

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