Process Builder – scheduled action problem

We have found out a big problem by using Scheduled Action in a process builder.

In a process builder we have built a condition that fires when record is in a given status and this condition starts a scheduled action.

By monitoring Paused and Waiting Interviews and all record in this given status, sometimes (sporadically) we noticed that the number of waiting interviews doesn’t match with the number of record in that status.

I went over a lot of post around forums in Internet and it’s a common problem, sometimes meaningless the flow scheduled action doesn’t fire.

Someone has found a workaround to this problem?

Thanks in advance.


It is likely that the conditions of your process builder were already met before activating it.

It’s impossible for us to help you without you sharing with us the exact details of the process builder. It won’t be a bug in process builder it will be some small gap in the logic.

Please post screenshots of all of the parts of the process.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fabio Maturo , Answer Author : Daniel Howell

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