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I’ve found great information on patch and push upgrades in the Salesforce Packaging Guide and help notes. Although the steps for creating patches are listed in detail in both areas of documentation, I cannot find the steps for creating major upgrades!

Please can someone share some documentation that details (major) push upgrades in detail?


You don’t have to create a major upgrade as such. I have been through the process several times but never read/found any official documentation. If you want the steps to create one then here they are – obviously you need to have the feature enabled for the package you’re wanting to upgrade, this has in the past needed you to raise a case in the partner portal (I’m guessing this is still the same).

  • Build your package as you would normally
  • Go back to Setup | Create | Packages and select your package
  • Go to the Versions tab and press the Push Upgrades button
  • On the next page press the Schedule Push Upgrade
  • Select the version you want to upgrade to and the Date/Time you want to do it
  • Selecting the target version will bring up a list of the Orgs you can upgrade – select the ones you want and then press the Schedule button.

One thing worth noting is that it can take a long time to complete the upgrade. And it of course goes without saying that it’s worth trying it out on a test org first.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wes Nolte , Answer Author : Simon Goodyear

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