Quickbook to Salesforce Integration

I am using quickbook API for integrating with salesforce.I have created an app on developer account on intuit.
From there we got the consumer key and consumer secret. using both i am creating a signature using Hmac-Sha1 method.I got the error oauth_parameters_absent=oauth_signature. Plz suggest


OAuth usually requires that the values be URL parameters, not HTTP headers. Try changing your code as follows:

String body = String.format(
    new String[] {
        consumerkey,    // the key
        'HMAC-SHA1',    // the method
        signaure12,     // the signature
        s1,             // the timestamp
        nonce,          // the nonce
        '1.0'}          // the version

Source : Link , Question Author : Tepsi , Answer Author : sfdcfox

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