Refer to Record Type ID in Formula without Hard-coding

I’m building a Custom List Button in a Dev Environment, and I’d like it to work with no changes when deployed to Production even though all IDs will change.

The list button (which will be displayed in a related list) allows users to create a new related object, but specifies a specific Record Type, and pre-fills the new object with data from the current record.

It looks like this:

{!URLFOR( $Action.Contact.NewContact , null, [CF00NJ0000000QIX7=Contact.Id, RecordType="012J00000004NGB"])}

The problem is that this RecordType ID will change with deployment. I’ll always know it’s name, though. Is there any way to use that?

Update: Also, won’t the custom field ID change also (CF00NJ0000000QIX7 above) — what do I do about that?


You can use custom setting for this. Keep the record type Id in custom setting and use that in your button code, it will look something like this “{!$Setup.CustomSettingAPI_c.RecordTypeId_c}”

Source : Link , Question Author : Benj , Answer Author : Forceguru

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