RemoteAction Insert Error: “Please provide an id or sobjectType value”

I posted this to Twitter a couple of times but I’m still stumped.

I have an Apex class called “TestRemoteActionClass” with a method marked as a @RemoteAction that looks something like this:

public static List<sObject> insertRecords(List<sObject> records) {
    insert records;
    return records;

In my Visualforce page, I call it like this:

    function(result, event) {

Every time I try this, I get the following error back:

"Please provide an id or sobjectType value"

I understand the issue is related to the RemoteAction method taking a List as parameters, so it would make sense that the method needs some context to describe the SObjectType of the incoming list of records. If I change the “insertRecords” methods to take a concrete SObjectType (Account, Contact, etc), then it works fine.

However, I cannot figure out how to pass an “sobjectType” value with the parameters. I have tried the following as the “records” parameter with the same error:

[{"attributes":{"sobjectType":"Account"}, "Name":"foo"}]

In addition, I have tried numerous permutations of uppercase vs. lowercase combos for the ‘sobjectType’ parameter name. Still no luck.

Can anyone help? This issue is keeping me from creating a List “insert” call via RemoteActions, which would be huge to streamline things.

If this approach is just not possible, please let me know that too!


Looks like this may be a bug that will be fixed soon.

Source : Link , Question Author : tompatros , Answer Author : TehNrd

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