Remove extra space to the right in Gmail

I have extra white space to the right on Gmail when I use the vertical split. It’s where the “people” widget used to be, but I don’t want the widget nor the space. I just want the email to use up all the space.

You'll see the space to the right, but still under the grey line.

How can I remove this?


If you’re using Chrome, the wasted empty space can be removed by install the Chrome extension Webmail Ad Blocker.

Once installed, go to the Manage Extensions page in Chrome and choose Options for this extension. Then under the Gmail tab, on the right, turn off the tick labelled “People Widget”. Note: this is better than turning it off in Gmail settings because the wasted space is also removed.

While I also have AdBlock Plus installed, I have found adding this extension along side it to be a better solution than adding a filter to AdBlock Plus because that filter also causes emails to be completely blanked out when the email page is displayed by clicking a desktop notification for a new email received.

Source : Link , Question Author : tshauck , Answer Author : RyanCu

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