Remove Record Type from Chatter Profiles

I want to remove the Record Type applied to a Custom Object. There will be no record types at all.

I cannot remove one of the record types because its set to the default for several profiles (in fact all profiles). Therefore it seems like I have to manually enter each profile and delete it. Joy.

However, for Chatter type profiles I don’t have the option to enter “Object Settings”. So I can’t remove it it from these profiles. Which means I can’t remove the Record Types attribute at all.

Any ideas how to get around this?

Ideally I’d like a page, like the one I was offered when I created the record type, that lists all profiles and has a picklist for each row (‘default on’ or something).

The only “solution” I found was this: which seems like its out of date now. I can’t navigate to a setup/ui/profilerecordtypeedit.jsp page as described in that link.


Clues came from here:

The solution is a URL hack.{Profile ID}&tid={Custom Object ID}&pn={Profile Name}


As a System Administrator, I go to Setup > Profiles > the profile I’m interested in. Lets say “Chatter External User”

The url for this profile contains the Profile ID:

I also have to copy the Profile Name: “Chatter External User”

Then I go to Setup > Create > Objects > the object I’m interested in. Let’s say “Custom Object”

Again the url contains the tid:

My final hacky URL is:

NB For Standard Objects the parameter tid is the name of the object “Contact”, “Account”, Opportunity” etc. For Custom Objects its the ID of the Custom Object.

I can now remove the unwanted Record Type from “Selected Record Types”.

Simple wimple.

Source : Link , Question Author : powlo , Answer Author : powlo

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