Reorder labels order in Gmail [duplicate]

Is there a way to reorder labels in Gmail? There is one specific label I need to access more than the others and I would like it at the top.

I’m using Airmail 2 as my local IMAP client connected to my email running on Google Apps for Work.


Gmail doesn’t provide a way to reorder labels. They are listed in strictly alphabetical order.

What I have done is put a relatively unobtrusive punctuation character in the front of the label. For example:

  • _followup
  • !important
  • +client

That way they flow to the top. You can do a similar thing to drop labels to the bottom, all depending on whether the character is sorted before or after letters.

For symbols that sort after letters, {|}~, (or between upper- and lower-case, [\]^_ and ` ), see
ASCII on wikipedia. All the rest will sort before, matching the table ordering. This underlying bit representation gives an index number, and therefore ordering, “lexicographic”, to each character.

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : Bruno Bronosky

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