Reply management – New sub domain issue with Marketing cloud

So we have many issues with the sub-domain that we are using with the marketing cloud. One of them is: If we want to reply to the emails from Outlook, we get an error message that says:

Undelivarable and the content is: reply-fecc157376670c7c-2139_HTML-104564539-100025066-1 wasn’t found at

Also every time a client replies to one of our emails, is getting appended at the end of their actual email address.
We did whitelist our IP address and this was resolved for 2 days. But later, we started getting the same errors.


Have you set the MX entries for Marketing Cloud servers?

I think you need to use the localpart “reply” of your subdomain. So in your Reply Mail Management you need to set the domain like:

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben M. , Answer Author : Leto

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