Requirescript change in Winter ’16 release

As per release winter 16 release notes:

In summer 15 release salesforce disabled JavaScript hacks through sidebar, am I confusing myself about this note in Winter 16 or is this the final nail in the coffin for preventing UI alterations through javascript using buttons and links?

REQUIRESCRIPT No Longer Executes JavaScript On Page Load

We’ve changed the way custom JavaScript buttons and links work when
they use REQUIRESCRIPT. The REQUIRESCRIPT resources aren’t included in
the page until the user clicks the custom JavaScript button or link.


We shouldn’t have been doing those things in the first place.

I would assume that by implementing these hacks, we’ve moved on thin ice and built features that could not be regression tested by salesforce and thus get broken by salesforce. This would not just reflect poorly on those who’ve created additional functionality, but on salesforce as a whole.

My guess is that salesforce is indeed closing the loopholes they should have closed a long time ago.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rao , Answer Author : Samuel De Rycke

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