Rerendering in SF1 App

Is re-rendering supported in the Salesforce1 app?

Since most navigation is done via javascript it seems that links etc. using onclick do not work after being re-rendered, and it is standard practice for browsers to execute any injected javascript in the name of security.

That said, if I use rerender without a target (i.e. I want to refresh the whole page) then nothing actually gets redrawn. Is there a known-working method for dealing with this situation other than converting everything to use remote actions/objects?


I think the best you can actually do is to recreate a subcomponent with updated attributes dynamically as Doug Chasman describes in his answer here

How to set up views and navigation in Lightning?

    $A.createComponent(this, { parameter: component.get("v.updatedValue" }, 
        function(view) {
           var content = component.find("auraIdToBeUpdated");
           content.set("v.body", view);

Re-creation is defacto a rerender.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt Lacey , Answer Author : Community

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