Rolling back a managed released package?

We have a managed released package currently undergoing security review. While that is happening, we would like to make some changes to the tab layout of our application. Unfortunately, it seems that I can change very little to do with our tabs in our managed released package. I would like to get the package into the hands of beta testers, but I need to make the aforementioned tab changes first. Is there any way at all that I can do this? I would rather not have the beta testers install an unmanaged package, as there are post-installation steps that they would have to execute manually.

What are our options here?


Salesforce support has tools to undo a managed package release. They do this by converting you “managed – released” package into a “managed – beta” which undoes the locking with newly added components.

There is one major prerequisite before they can do this: the version you want to un-release needs to be uninstalled from ALL organizations.

This can pose a major issue if you’ve already upgraded customers – since there’s no way to downgrade a package, but in your case it sounds like you might be lucky enough for your package to not be installed in any others other than testing.

Open a case, from the partner portal and they should be able to help.

Source : Link , Question Author : emroc , Answer Author : ca_peterson

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