Salesforce Einstein – What are the new features and what is their impact?

So Salesforce Einstein is pretty much a buzz word recently. And I have completed the related trailhead for it. It seems to me apart from its machine learning and data mining technologies underneath the ground, the functionality are majorly just showing predict result/scoring/likelihood in our current page, and of course, plus sending different emails to different individuals.

So it seems to me that it isn’t much to learn about Salesforce Einstein. In the Trailhead, it mentioned:

Developers, you can use the PredictionIO as a Heroku service to build
custom machine learning engines in a fraction of the time. Or use the
Predictive Vision Service API (beta only) to train deep learning
models to recognize and classify images.

But PredictionIO is a service which is not quite associated with Salesforce platform so I am kind of thinking it is not that part of Salesforce Einstein.

My question is, as from a developer or success manager’s perspective of view, is there any new feature we need to pay attention to?


I have searched a while. Just like lightning experience a few releases ago, Salesforce Einstein has a bright future and will keep on releasing new stuffs in the future releases.

The features which are Generally Available now are on this trailhead:

Personally, I wouldn’t consider PredictionIO to be part of Salesforce Einstein unless Salesforce is determined to say so.

To summarize:

Sales Cloud Einstein

Recommended Follow-Ups

  • Get an automatic reminder task to follow back up with customers who
    haven’t responded to emails.
  • Review the reminder tasks, and accept or reject tasks on demand.

Marketing Cloud Einstein

Predictive Scoring

  • Score every customer’s likelihood to engage with an email,
    unsubscribe from an email list, or make a web purchase.

  • Help marketers better anticipate the needs of every customer so they
    deliver the perfect one-to-one journey.

Predictive Audiences

  • Show multiple predicted behaviours in common to marketers when they’re
    building new audience segments.

  • Create the perfect audience segment to drive customers to the next
    level of engagement or conversion.

Predictive Content

  • Recommend the best product, content, or offer for each individual.

  • Increase average order values, convert more anonymous web visitors,
    and surface relevant content faster.

Sentiment Insights

  • Automatically analyse the tone and sentiment of conversations in 10+

  • Make smarter decisions around campaigns and truly understand the
    voice of your customer.

Language Insights

  • Detect and classify what language a post was authored in, giving
    marketers the ability to harness all conversations about a particular

  • Slice and dice data into language segments.

Spam Detection Insights

  • Identify known spam sites across the social universe.

Community Cloud Einstein

Recommended Experts, Articles, and Topics

  • Suggested posts, articles, experts, and topic pages.

  • Optimized community experience for each community member, tailored to
    their interests.

Automated Service Escalation

  • Automatic case creation for customer posts that don’t receive a timely

  • Automatic case creation for customer posts that contain specific
    words (for example, “broken”).

Newsfeed Insights

Analytics Cloud Einstein

Smart Data Discovery

  • Discover insights from millions of data combinations in minutes by
    automatically examining all possible variable combinations in a
    data set.

  • Eliminate the manual trial-and-error process of traditional
    hypothesis-driven analysis.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

Product Recommendations

  • Unique, personalised recommendations throughout the shopper journey,
    including mobile and desktop e-commerce transactions and in-store
    interactions with store associates.

Predictive Email

  • Provide tailored content for individual emails.

  • Use relevant content, products, and offers without replacing email
    service providers.

Commerce Insights

  • Transform vast amounts of product, order, and customer data into
    actionable insights.

  • Understand product purchase correlation and power smarter
    merchandising and store planning.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lance Shi , Answer Author : Pasan Eeriyagama

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