Salesforce Lightning Component Cache

When developing a lightning components in the lightning experience, let’s say I make a change to custom_componentController.js. If I want to see these changes in the lightning UI, I have to hard refresh chrome twice in order for my changes to be rendered. Is there a way to break this cache?

I found this known issue which is exactly what I am experiencing but it says it was fixed in all instances.

Has anyone else experienced this as of late or does anyone have a solution?


By looking at this article on Lightning Components Performance Best Practices, it looks like the only way to solve the cache problem is to disable the cache during development and keep it on in Production.

To disable the cache in the org:

1) Setup > Security > Session Settings > Caching.

2) Uncheck Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance

NOTE : Client side caching is an org-wide setting. Disabling the setting might cause an significant impact on performance.

Source : Link , Question Author : BrBarr , Answer Author : Praveen

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