Salesforce1 javascript method navigateToSObject(recordId,view) not changing tab

I’m using the javascript method
navigateToSObject(recordId,view) detailed on page 185 of

example usage is:'a01i00000085XZGAA2','related');'a01i00000085XZGAA2','chatter');

When this javascript is executed on a VF page launched by sf1 I am taken to the correct record, but with the default ‘detail’ tab open. Anybody hit this issue as well? Or find a work around? 🙂

I am able to reproduce this in one/ and the actual app.



There is a mismatch between the Salesforce1 docs and current Salesforce1 functionality. The “navigate to a specific slide” functionality is scheduled for Summer ’14 (safe harbor!).

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike Tetlow , Answer Author : metadaddy

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