Scratch orgs – non deterministic issue with standard application

Initial metadata push to scratch org sometimes is successful and sometimes fails for the same commit (metadata state) for some reason.

Issue is with the following element:

And error message that shows up:

Cannot create a new component with the namespace: standard. Only
components in the same namespace as the organization can be created
through the API

As I wrote above, the strangest thing is that it’s not deterministic, it sometimes fails and sometimes goes through for the same commit.

In the scratch org definition file I have enabled the required features:

"features": [

I know I can add this element to .forceignore but I would prefer to keep tracking this element since I am using this standard app. Any ideas why it’s inconsistent? I don’t recall having such issues on another project but there we used only standard Lightning Sales Console, and not standard Lightning Service Console that fails here.


Source : Link , Question Author : neff , Answer Author : Community

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