Send reports to emails not registered in Salesforce

Is there a way to send the output from a report to email addresses that are not assigned to a Salesforce account? We have some part-time athletic coaches that need to receive information on contacts in Salesforce, but have no need to have Salesforce accounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Add-on: We found a thread in that discussed setting up a general user (to get the email address set up) and send the reports there, which could use the autoforwarding process to distribute the emails to other email addresses. Wondering if anyone took that approach and if it worked out for them.


Officially, it’s NOT possible (at least no direct way to do so). But there are multiple hacks available such as this which have worked well for me in the past. You can scrape it as a CSV document. This approach is also discussed in this Stackoverflow thread.

As for the (lack of) official support, this idea is being tracked here.

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