SFDX CLI Stopped working

I’ve got message saying “Plugin “salesforcedx” v41 or later may only be used in a v6.0.0 or later CLI”, however CLI was working perfectly moments ago.

What can I be missing?

>sfdx version
sfdx-cli/6.0.14-2af879b (linux-x64) node-v8.6.0

>sfdx plugins --core
salesforcedx 41.6.0 (core)



Update: I’ve also restarted computer and still get same issue. This happen during any sfdx call to SFDC

I’ve already tried updating sfdx. Below output:

>sfdx update 
sfdx-cli: Updating CLI... already on latest version: 6.0.14-2af879b 
sfdx-cli: Updating plugins... done


I am sorry, my bad.

The script was running as another user which sfdx was old.

Logging in as different user and running sfdx update solved my issue.

Hope this will help anyone else running scripts on Jenkins…

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel Horký , Answer Author : Daniel Horký

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