SFDX – No org configuration found for name

Suddenly vscode stopped working with deploying the class to the sandbox I’m using and throws this message “No org configuration found for name INSTANCE NAME”

I tried to create a new project for the sandbox but still get the same error when I’m trying to retrieve all the classes from the org.

sfdx update didn’t help.


It may be a problem with aliases.

I have mistakenly created an alias:

Then, not aware of consequences I created an alias again, in the way I wanted it in the first place: me@salesforce.com=DevHub

So I ended up having two aliases, which were translated by the CLI:

DevHub -> me@salesforce.com -> DevHub

So CLI was trying to use DevHub as my username, instead of me@salesforce.com

Hence, the error: No org configuration found for name DevHub

Verify Your aliases with:

sfdx force:alias:list

and delete unnecessary aliases (if any) by setting them as empty:

sfdx force:alias:set DevHub=

Source : Link , Question Author : osos9 , Answer Author : Dominik Wolanin

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