Show average instead of median in boxplot [closed]

When plotting a boxplot with python matplotblib, the lines halfway the plot is the median of the distribution.

Is there a possibility to instead have the line at the average. Or to plot it next to it in a different style.

Also, because it is common for the line to be the median, will it really confuse my readers if I make it the average (off course I will add a note what the middle line is)?


This code makes the boxplots then places a circle marking the mean for each box. You can use a different symbol by specifying the marker argument in the call to scatter.

import numpy as np
import pylab

# 3 boxes
data = [[np.random.rand(100)] for i in range(3)]

# mark the mean    
means = [np.mean(x) for x in data]
pylab.scatter([1, 2, 3], means)

alt text

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Smit , Answer Author : ars

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