Show text part of a multipart email in Gmail

An email sent with Content-Type of ‘multipart/alternative’ (often) contains two copies of the email: one HTML, one plaintext.

Gmail displays the HTML version of the email by default, but how do I view the plaintext contents, just to make sure that it looks right?

I can view the raw text using the “view original” option, but that’s not really what I want; there’s a lot of escapes visible when doing this, which is not what users would see.


It looks like the “Message text garbled?” option in Sarah’s answer was removed from Gmail in mid-February 2017.

In the Gmail product forums, user William25 posted this trickier but valid workaround.


1) From the “More” menu, select “Show original”

2) In the address bar, update the “view” parameter in the query string from “om” to “dom”

You can also create this bookmark bar shortcut in Chrome and click on it instead of step 2 as listed above:

Source : Link , Question Author : bukzor , Answer Author : WimpyProgrammer

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