Single Click reply to Approval Emails

Currently, to approve any salesforce record through email, you have to reply to approval email using Approved/Yes and it gets approve.

I just want to skip the step of writing “Approved/Yes” for approving records. Instead of this, I would like to create a HTML template and provide some button or link into that. When user will click the button or link, then it should approve that salesforce record ( make sure that button or link doesn’t open a new salesforce window).

I don’t know whether it’s achievable or not, but I would like some positive response for this problem. Can anyone please suggest something ?


A solution to this would be to publishing a Visualforce page on Salesforce Sites with the call to the API ro approve :
The email link would open this page which will have an auto-init action call the approval.

To work without authentication, this could only be done on a custom object.

I hope this helps,

Source : Link , Question Author : S.Sharma , Answer Author : altius_rup

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