Single user for 2 communities – 1 login or 2 logins?

I have 2 different communities – Partner & Customer. There is this use case of having Partners accessing the Customer community also because of business model client do.

What I was planning to have Permission set for to which Partners will be assigned and use that permission set in Customer community to allow partners login/access.

So the question now is that when Partners are added in Customer community via permission set are they going to get the separate and new login (username+password) for customer community or they can use their existing login credentials (which they use for partner community) to access the customer community?


When you create a Community in Salesforce, you can choose a unique domain.

So lets say you have base URL for community as, domain for customers as customer and partners as partner.

Now if you allow a user with access to both communities, they can use same login credentials for both communities:

  1. Customer community login would be through
  2. Partner community login would be through

Yes, you can use permission sets to Add Members to Your Community.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jai Chaturvedi , Answer Author : Raul

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