error when attempting to add domain name

We are trying to migrate an existing domain to We’ve followed the instructions outlined here:

However, when attempting to add the domain to we get the error: “Error: The domain and path combination is already in use. Enter a different domain name or path and try again”

Now, the DNS is not set up with an DNS A record as far as I know, just a CNAME record. What would be the migration process for such a set up? And could it be causing such an error.


Until the Domain name has a DNS record that points to a Salesforce server, they won’t be able to host your site, instead they’ll only be able to link to it from an existing host. You can check the status of any domain by going to and entering your company’s domain name(s). That will tell you what DNS its pointed to, who the owner is, etc.

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If the site isn’t currently pointed to a DNS server, you’ll need to fill out the forms to have the DNS server registration (and ISP registration too if there won’t be any outside hosting) transferred and pointed to a Salesforce server. If that needs done, I suggest you contact Salesforce support. In my experience, ISP’s often don’t get in much of a hurry when it comes to transferring control of domain registristrations.

Additional: The name should be the same as the URL of the domain name. E.G., or in the situation where there’s no www used in the URI, something like Regardless, you want it to be the same as your current web URL address that you plan to port over. The SF documentation recommends adding variants on the Domain name to allow for spelling errors on the part of users. I’d suggest you try entering some variations that are close to your domain name to see if that gets you there.

It also occurred to me to ask, have you checked to make certain that YOU have the Publisher User field enabled on Your Own Personal User detail page in Setup as an Admin AND, according to the documentation, also have Publisher Role assigned at the site level? If not, you won’t be able to set up your site.

If those things are all in place and it’s still a “no go”, I’m totally out of ideas. Unless someone else has suggestions for you, then your next step would seem to be to open a case with support.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sean Russell , Answer Author : crmprogdev

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