Sobject type not supported in Managed Package

I have recently created a managed package . To test it, I installed it in a fresh developer org. This package queries the account records and updates certain custom fields(part of the package) on those records. For this, I am using a scheduler which inturn calls a batch class that updates the fields on a hourly basis.

However, recently I have started getting an email for this package with error message saying “System.QueryException: sObject type ‘Account’ is not supported.”

I am not pretty sure, why this is happening. This error message, I do not get it always. It occurs only sometimes, usually during weekends and that too once or twice in a day. Not sure if this is ssomething releated to salesforce scheduled maintenance. I checked , but there was nothing mentioned about any maintenance activity.


Main reason for this error is one of your salesforce apex classes are declared without with sharing or without sharing . This causes unexpected behavior when a sharing enable class call a class which has no sharing type declared and enforce its sharing rule.

Source : Link , Question Author : sfdc2013 , Answer Author : Ashwani

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