Solutions for using https on custom domains on a site

We have a site which has a simple lead form. We want to use a custom domain name like as our url which we can use for marketing. I know we can register a custom domain and point the cname record to the site url. But is it possible for me to have a ssl certification on point to salesforce site page? Has any body come up with a solution for secure pages using custom domain like as an example?



The answer to this question has changed with the SU14 release. See Configure a Custom Domain for Your Community which provides instructions that primarily involve contacting SF Support and the caveats highlighted below.

  • To enable HTTPS custom domains for your organization: contact

  • To associate certificates with a domain: contact

From Setup, click Domain Management | Custom URLs. Before you switch the CNAME of your domain name to point to a new target name, ensure that the new target name exists in the DNS by using dig or nslookup. When you created your domain names affects the target of your CNAME:

  • Domain names that were added before Summer ‘13, typically need to have their CNAME adjusted to point to the fully qualified domain
    followed by instead of to the organization’s sub-domain. For example, if your pre-Summer ‘13 domain is, then the target of its CNAME will need to be instead of before
    HTTPS will work.
  • Domain names that were added in or before Summer ‘13, don’t have the 18-character organization ID in the CNAME target.
  • Domain names that were added in or after Summer ‘13, already point to the proper place for setting up HTTPS in a custom domain.
  • Domain names that were added in or after Winter ‘14, use a CNAME that points to the fully qualified domain followed by your
    organization’s 18-character ID and For example,
    if your domain name is and your 18-character
    organization ID is 00dxx0000001ggxeay, then the target of its CNAME
    will need to be

Original Answer

Bunyan, take a look at the Sites FAQ which says the following:

Q: Does it support HTTPS custom URLs (not URLs) with our own certificate?

A: Not at this time


Q: Can i specify my own SSL certificate if i use a CNAME to brand my URL

A: SSL certificates specify an IP address and at the current time we do not provide a feature to host SSL certificates for sites other than the default domain

From the above, unless something has changed, I’d conclude that at this time it’s not possible to do what you desire.

Source : Link , Question Author : Buyan Thyagarajan , Answer Author : crmprogdev

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