Source control tool for Salesforce development

I am looking for a source control tool like Github which can do the following for us.

  1. Provide a cloud based source control repository like subversion, etc.
  2. Provide web based view to track changes.
  3. Has automatic builds so that we can do deployments.
  4. Project management interface for agile projects.

Can you guys recommend some tools which you use now which does all of this?



At LevelEleven, we use Github exclusively. One of the main reasons is the issues module. Now that you can inline images into an issue, it’s an incredible bug/issue tracker for QA. We also use it to track our new features. Grouping features and issues into milestones essentially serves as an agile tool for us. Also, Github allows you to tag issues in your commit messages so that the commits show up when you pull up an issue. Not sure if BitBucket does this but it’s one of my favorite features.

We are also setting up a Jenkins server on AWS so we can do continuous integration. We are setting up a webhook to kick of the build within Jenkins. This way, whenever we push to master, Jenkins will receive the hook and deploy to our staging and other test orgs.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Buyan Thyagarajan , Answer Author : Kevin O’Hara

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