Spam (?) from dfc-org-qa

On Dec 18th I’ve received an email that looks like a regular “welcome, new user!” emails SF sends out.

Subject: Welcome to Developer Site


Hi ,

Welcome to Developer Site! To get started, go to

Thanks, dfc-org-qa

Username: eyescream@00df000000055l4mai.(redacted)

(Note the “Hi {nobody}” and something that looks like org id in the last line)

Does anybody have any idea what the hell? DFC = Dreamforce? seems to be a valid SF org with custom domain.
Quick googling yields and, not too helpful.

I’ve used this mailbox to create my Dev. Edition and to authenticate on SF Answers or here… Still – looks bit fishy to be a legitimate new SF anything really.


It’s a legit email, but inadvertently sent out. The Twitter account commented several times on Dec 17th (example: and appears to be about the developer boards update.

Source : Link , Question Author : eyescream , Answer Author : Mike Chale

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