Email merge field is empty when email is being sent from Community

I have Reset Password email template with merge fields. When I test it from the org (clicking Send Test and Verify Merge Fields) the fields are populated. It works fine. But, when the community users reset their passwords the email comes with one empty merge field, which is Custom field on User obj. Other standard … Read more

Reporting on Profile and Login IP Range

Is there an easy way to build a report type that would allow me to build a report on the profile and Login IP Range permissions. I have profiles with either no Login IP Ranges or IP’s that need to be removed. Building a simple Salesforce report would be quicker that other options. Answer That … Read more

Test Class for PDF Reader Trigger

I have written one trigger for a PDF reader and Case creation based on that PDF. Now I am trying to coverage by the Test Class but it is showing only 0% Coverage. Can anyone please help me with the Coverage, Let me know Where I am getting Wrong? Apex Trigger:- trigger InitiateProcess on Project__c … Read more

Adding BUs to Corporate Edition (Marketing Cloud)

Client has been using a Corporate edition of Marketing Cloud and acquired a new separate business… so, we need to add a BU to Corporate Edition. Do we need to add 1 business unit or 2? Support says two, but if we’re merely adding a new business unit – and it doesn’t require being “connected” … Read more

Salesforce record access: Can access provided on public group override profile permissions

We have a user X, whose profile level access on an object is CRU. Now, this user is also part of a public group which provide read only access on the same object. So, will the access provided by public group override the access provided by profile. I.e. will user be able to edit records … Read more