Advancing the clock of a CMOS IC with multiple signals

What would be the best way to advance the clock of a CMOS OC from multiple signals? In my situation the “upper” signal puts the system in working and the system itself generate the next clock pulse to advance and the original signal, the “upper” remains active throughout the whole time. Would a capacitor trigger … Read more

How to stabilize this CV triggered toggle (555 timer latching switch) when fed with two gates?

I created the prototype for a modular synthesizer module. The project goal is an AND gate that is fed with two control voltage inputs (A and B with an Vpp around 5V). There will be two outputs: the AND itself and a binary (HIGH/LOW) which is toggled each time the AND is true. I’m referring … Read more

Confusion with trigger controlled analogue output of a DAQ board

I came across this article, and regarding the DAQ trigger and analogue output part I’m confused. If I don’t get it wrong the DAQ generates particular analogue voltage levels for X and Y of the galvo-mirror. And here is the manual for such DAQ series. I’m used to control a DAQ output through software commands. … Read more

CD4069 toggle switch

How to connect the trigger out instead of the switch? Like a toggle switch. The first trigger out activates the relay and remains ON infinity, the second trigger out deactivates the relay and remains OFF infinity. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Smekeri BezPrezimena , Answer Author : Community

Level-triggered mono-stable multi-vibrator running at 12+ volts.

I need a CMOS (preferably dual) level-triggered mono-stable multi-vibrator that runs at least 12V (better at 15~18VDC), perhaps in the CD4000 family. Everything I have found is edge-triggered only or is in the TTL families which won’t operate at the voltages I need. Even an edge-triggered with set pin (instead of reset pin) will do … Read more

What can the reason be to choose this specific op-amp as a Comparator/Schmitt trigger?

A rotating instrument is outputting AC sinusoidal wave where both the frequency and amplitude of the output is proportional with the rotation speed. This output then goes to a converter box, which converts the sinusoidal signals to pulses. I opened the circuit case and saw the following opAmp is used: MCP06 I noticed that our … Read more