Content Builder REST API – Retrieve Email and approvals

Does anyone know how to retrieve email and its approval status? I checked on marketing cloud documentation but couldn’t find the property to do so. I am trying to retrieve and filter for email that already has been approved and those under approval, for instance. Link Marketing Cloud Documentation Answer I just got it. For … Read more

Upload Attachment via Rest API

I use standard Rest API (/services/data/v39.0/sobjects/Attachment) to upload attachment from our Support Portal and get saved in case object which works fine, but when I try to open the attachement from salesforce end I am geting file format doesn’t support and its for all file formate. Note: Our Support Portal is build using PHP. Can … Read more

Wrong date when converting datetime value to date field

I am using the REST API for creating a new Task record, including an Activity Date in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ. My current timezone is UTC+1. When submitting a date in the first hour of the day, i.e. for example from 2018-11-19T00:00:00+01:00 to 2018-11-19T00:59:59+01:00, the Activity date is rendered as the previous day on the Task’s … Read more

How to deserialize and parse JSON data to get particular values from the response

my http response is as shown: {“controllerValues”:{},”defaultValue”:null,”eTag”:”31935b5a76250197159c64a2a9ec8353″,”url”:”/services/data/v43.0/ui-api/object-info/Opportunity/picklist-values/0126F0000022ATfQAM/StageName”,”values”:[{“attributes”:{“closed”:true,”defaultProbability”:100.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Closed”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:true},”label”:”Closed Won”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Closed Won”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:5.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Personal Details”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Personal Details”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:15.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Add Products”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Add Products”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:25.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Add Schemes”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Add Schemes”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:40.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Bank Details”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Bank Details”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:60.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Verification”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Verification”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:65.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Documents Review”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Documents Review”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:95.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Credit Approval”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Credit Approval”},{“attributes”:{“closed”:false,”defaultProbability”:90.0,”forecastCategoryName”:”Pipeline”,”picklistAtrributesValueType”:”OpportunityStage”,”won”:false},”label”:”Contract Signing”,”validFor”:[],”value”:”Contract Signing”}]} how do i get all the value values? I mean i need to get Add Products,Contact Signing,Bank details etc in a list in an apex class. Answer There are basically two ways … Read more

Malformed JSON: Expected ‘[‘: how to deserialize JSON with REST API?

Error: Malformed JSON: Expected ‘[‘ at the beginning of List/Set I think I have incorrect JSON.deserialize for my object. How can I fix it? I don’t use a wrapper. List<Account> accList = new List<Account>(); public static HttpRequest createRequestForService(){ HttpRequest finalRequest = new HttpRequest(); finalRequest.setHeader(‘Authorization’,’Bearer ‘ + ‘my_token_here’); finalRequest.setHeader(‘Content-Type’,’application/json’); finalRequest.setHeader(‘accept’,’application/json’); finalRequest.setMethod(‘GET’); finalRequest.setEndpoint(‘; return finalRequest; } //My … Read more

Notify or update salesforce records from external application

As Integration part is new to me so, tried little demo project which gets the external data and creates the record in custom object or so from a button click. Using HttpRequest method did all the API request. My question here is, Is it possible to keep track of external application so whenever the data … Read more

Return all SSJS property value pairs for object?

I’m looking for one of two things. A complete reference guide for all SFMC SSJS objects, or A way to return all contents of an object so I can see what I need to use. For an example, I’ve been following this guide to show the status of an automation. It uses the ProgramID, CustomerKey, … Read more