Content Builder REST API – Retrieve Email and approvals

Does anyone know how to retrieve email and its approval status? I checked on marketing cloud documentation but couldn’t find the property to do so. I am trying to retrieve and filter for email that already has been approved and those under approval, for instance. Link Marketing Cloud Documentation Answer I just got it. For … Read more

Auto log activities to CLOSED opportunities?

Our current way of doing things in SFDC, has customer success working off of the opportunity as opposed to the account object. The opp has information they need, along with the fact its related to some custom objects related to implementation and training of the product we sell. All that being said, I’m getting several … Read more

Outbound email message with attachments limit

I am using Apex to send emails with attachments to users (with SingleEmailMessage to be more precisely). From some MB (I Don’t sure exactly the size – because it changed from time to time when I try to check it) It converts the attaches files to .html files for downloading and store them in some … Read more

How to display Date time field without showing the 00:00:00 Time when we reference it in the Apex code?

We have a S-control button which sys SendAttendancelist. The S-control calls the apex class Classobj in that we have a email that is sent out from apex while executing it sends out email with few details. The requirement here is to display a additional Date time field in the email. However the User request it … Read more

“Reply All” , “Reply” and “Forward” buttons not visible in the Send Email Activity on an Apex generated email

I have an Email Service with an Apex class that creates a new EmailMessage object associating the sender with a Contact in the system and the recipient as a User. The email shows up correctly with all the fields populated but without the “Reply” buttons. When I create an email from a User to a … Read more

Web-to-case email not creating case

I have followed this outline to create a web to case and when I go to my cases, nothing has been created. The only difference between this tutorial and what I have is there is no META tag. Could this be causing the issue? the HTML editor will not allow for META tag markups … Read more

How do I set up a workflow rule that emails a user one week after the opportunity is created?

Basically I want it so that 7 days after an opportunity is created, it sends an email to someone (This will not be the opportunity owner but a specified email) that reminds them it has been created. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Sean. Answer You need to use time-dependent workflow which will fire when the … Read more

My email acknowledgement button is not working

I am trying to send an email acknowledgement to my donors but every time I press the button I get the following message: NPSP did not send acknowledgements for the following records. Acknowledgements can fail if there is no workflow rule (Acknowledgement Status EQUALS ‘Send Acknowledgement’) activated to send the acknowledgement, or if the records … Read more

Trigger on EmailTempAttachmentMap [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question Has anybody written a trigger on the EmailTempAttachmentMap object type. I am not sure how to access that ObjectType. thanks. … Read more