“Cannot update SLA process that is in use” when deploying an SLA process, but it is not in use

Two organizations have the same entitlement process. One of them is outdated and I created a change set to update it. When deploying to the outdated org, I get this message. When we try to delete an entitlement process that is in use by an Entitlement or a Case record, we get the error message … Read more

Deploy change set from sandbox to production unavailable

I have a process builder which I want to build to production, when I create a change set it says that this change set requires the “45.0” or later platform version, if it was a visualforce page I could change the api version, but I couldn’t do that for the process builder, how can I … Read more

Error while deploying a Change Set: Could not find related list [AttachedContentNotes] for entity [Contact]

I am trying to deploy a Change Set to a different Org. I am getting the following error: Could not find related list [AttachedContentNotes] for entity [Contact] Any ideas on what could be causing this? Answer As pointed out by David Reed in the comments about, the Enhanced Notes was turned off. Once enabled the … Read more

How to add standard field lookup filter in to the change set?

I need to add lookup filter modification in to the change set which is done to a standard field in the Contact object. Is that possible to do? Answer I don’t think that it is possible to move custom lookup filters in standard objects between orgs with change sets. It should be possible using the … Read more

Moving changes from one organization to another

I have been working under an organization’s salesforce instance for a little under a year now and have created custom objects, API endpoints, LWCs, and more. There has now been a a structural change where there will be two organization salesforce instances and all of my work needs to be transferred to that new organization. … Read more

Basic Change Set questions

I will be using change sets for the first time to deploy changes from a SDBX to a Test Environment. I have a few questions regarding how this is to be done and am hoping experts here can help. 1) How do I move all modified custom object and its fields by providing their details? … Read more

Query changeset components

Is there a way to easily query the components in the changeset? Perhaps SOQL? I keep getting validation errors and it’s difficult to look through the components by looking at the type, if there was some way to filter and sort the changeset components, it would save a lot of time. Answer You can deploy … Read more

Salesforce Code Coverage Failure: Cannot deploy Apex Trigger in Production despite 100% code coverage in Sandbox

I have a code coverage of 100% for my trigger in Sandbox but when uploading my packages to production I have an error Code Coverage Failure Your code coverage is 74%. You need at least 75% coverage to complete this deployment. I really don’t understand why the error, despite my code being covered 100% in … Read more