When I export animations in unity only works for the .fbx object that itself attached

First of all, I’m new at animations and exporting them into Unity. So if you answered in detail, I would be grateful. I did make some animations on a character and this character holds a stick. I do these animations in separate .blend files but on the same character. When I imported them in unity, … Read more

How to fix pixelated texture baking problem?

I am using multiple 2k textures from the Materialx library and I want to import my model in unity game engine. While baking the textures its gets pixelated, I try to bake texture in 2k and even 4k resolution but the result is the same. Blend:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cV8MTyJtGtFUbRzmOe8y4U23q7d9y6Hc/view?usp=sharing These are my Render Properties & Output Properties. … Read more