Validation rule that flags if File is not present on custom object?

Requirement is to prevent saving of a record if a File (in this case, a quote) is not attached. Is this accomplishable declaratively? Answer In the most general reading of the question? It’s not possible at all. You can’t attach a file to a record prior to its being saved, because there’s no record for … Read more

Validation Rule text field required when multi-picklist value is selected

I’m trying to have a text field required when a value is selected in Multi-picklist field IF( AND(TEXT(Environment_Access__c ) = “DevQA”, ISBLANK( Business_Justification__c )), True, False ) Answer First of all, you can always replace IF(condition, true, false) with just condition. Second, you need to use INCLUDES rather than TEXT. AND( INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist__c, “SingleOption”), ISBLANK(Other_Field__c) ) … Read more

Validation Rule to check PRIORVALUE

I am writing one validation rule where status is Pending/In Progress and I am changing any value from record then I need to throw an error ‘you cannot edit the record’. AND(OR( ISPICKVAL( Status , ‘Pending’), ISPICKVAL( Status , ‘InProgress’)) The issue here it’s not allow me to set status Pending at all..then i Added … Read more

how to create validation to restrict the owner based on Role

I have validation rule on Account, there is a picklist channel.If the the picklist channel equals to Direct then no role can edit or create the Account record except the owner ‘sales executive’ role.i tried different sets of validation rules but none of them works, any help is appreciated. AND( OR( ISNEW(), ISCHANGED( OwnerId ) … Read more

I need to put a validation on lightning input field date. It is a date of birth field and it should not accept date beyond Basically the validation will be date_Of_birth > Today() , then there should an error message. The error message should display beside the lightning input field. Is it possible? can … Read more

Created Validation rule to ensure product has been added before a certain stage, but can’t add products

Created Validation rule (below) to ensure product(s) has been added before a certain stage, but can’t add products to an already created opportunity that is beyond that stage. When I go to add a product the validation rule triggers and brings me back to the opportunity, essentially locking that opportunity. How do I fix it … Read more

Incorporate Record type name on validation rule formula

I am trying to create a formula that restricts multiple checkboxes from being ticked. User should only be able to tick one checkbox per record. I’ve managed to create the formula that handles this functionality but I cannot seem to figure out how to add a specific record type for it. Here’s what I’ve Got … Read more