community view report via a VF page

Could a report exposed to a SF community (Not Plus), via a VF page? as below; <apex:page id=”ccs” title=”Customer Case Summary” cache=”false” showHeader=”false” sidebar=”false” standardStylesheets=”false”> <body> <div>Customer Case Summary<br/> <apex:iframe src=”00O90000009FCKe”/> </div> </body> </apex:page> I tried this and gave the permission to the VF via profile, it is still giving me no access error, According … Read more

Rollup Opportunity amounts on a Custom object using user account as middle man

I’ve been on this journey to get a more complex report done, and after trying out various methods (joined reports, custom report types, various rollup apps) I still haven’t gotten anything to work. Main goal: create a monthly (or quarterly) report for each Sales Representative, where we can see how the Sales Rep performed. There’s … Read more

Reports and Dashboard view as pdf

Is it possible for Salesforce to generate dashboard into pdf without having print, save as and so? Right now, what I know is to use: conga composer. create vfp and use “renderAs=pdf”. Answer No, Salesforce doesn’t offer functionality to generate print-ready PDFs directly from reports and dashboards. You’d need to build custom functionality to do … Read more

PARENTGROUPVAL to calculate Amount Percentage in Reports

I am currently having a Currency field on Opportunities (say ‘My_Revenue__c’). Now, I am trying to calculate the sum of ‘My_Revenue__c’ for all Closed Won Opportunities divided by the sum of All Closed Opportunities (Closed Won + Closed Lost). Basically, I want the percentage of the amount. To that, I tried using the PARENTGROUPVAL and … Read more

i want to create dashboard component from tabular report

i have following fields i want to create tabular report and then add to dashboard No. Field Label Field Type 1 Address Text Area (Long) 2 Branch Picklist (Values : Mechanical , Computer , IT ,Civil ) 3 Contact Lookup(Contact) 4 Phone No Phone (Must be Unique) 5 Email Email 6 Enrollment Text (20) 7 … Read more

Sales planing overview values of different objects

I need for our sales colleagues to a list of responsible accounts for sales planning. I can do that quickly with a report, but I need this list enriched with additional information. For example sales last year (sales object), sales current year (sales object), current planning (object opportunity). Can I build a report that displays … Read more

Duplicate Product Code report

I am trying to create a scheduled report that will come out daily when a duplicate product code has been entered. What formula can I use for this? Answer There is no way to do this with a formula. Since the Salesforce duplicate management feature doesn’t support Product object Vote for this Idea, you will … Read more

Create a report that will display all contracts with six months remaining before their expiration dates

This seems like a very simple question, but I am quite confused. I am using standard Contract object, and I created a formula field Half Year Expiration Date which has a formula of EndDate – 182.5. 182.5 is the total of all days in 6 months (given that contract term is 12 months) based on … Read more