Relationship between Vin and Vout of a linear voltage regulator in saturation region

Suppose we have a linear voltage regulator: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab If Vin is above Vth Vout is costant for all values Vin may take.However if Vin is below Vth what is the relationship between Vin and Vout? Answer It depends on the internal circuitry of the regulator. If the manufacturer … Read more

Quick state feedback controller question

If two estimators where used in a state feedback system, one with error dynamics poles at -10 and -9 and another one at -80 and -90. Which system will give you a better overall performance? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Community

Linearization of a set of equations of a system is linearized about multiple points, or should it be a single point?

Linearization of a set of equations of a system is linearized about multiple points, or should it be a single point? I have 10 wind turbine generators in a system. Every generator has three differential equations. Due to the wake effect every generator receives a different wind speed. That means every wind turbine generator works … Read more

Linear or nonlinear property of RL loads

Is RL or RC load a non-linear load? I know combined with diodes or thyristors they impose non-linearity, but can a simple RL load considered a non-linear load? I mean they are composed of linear elements – both resistors and inductors are linear. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Dan , Answer Author … Read more

Transfer function for a temperature sensor

I have a STLM20 temperature sensor with the following transfer function: V0=−11.69mVC⋅T+1.8663V I have solved it for T and it should be: T=85.543⋅(1.8663−V0) Is this correct? Answer That’s correct, and it’s the best linear equation for the range 20°C< T <30°C, however you can get better accuracy over a wider range by using the quadratic … Read more

Wireless DC Motor & Linear Actuator Control

These are the 2 items that I have: 24V 110RPM 1Amp DC Motor. 24V 100mm Linear Actuator. First Question: To run the DC Motor I am thinking of getting this 24V 2A power supply in the hope that both of the items can run off it. Would this be wise? The linear actuator will only … Read more

Trying to make a current source with an XRP29302 (linear regulator)

I’m familiar with the configuration to make an LM317 (voltage regulator) into a current source. You connect a resistor between the Vout and Adj pins (Say 1.24 ohms) and draw the output directly from the adjust line (not the Vout line). With that resistance, you get a constant output current of about 1 amp. Easy … Read more

Calculating inductor voltage in a second order linear circuit

I was trying to solve the following second order linear circuit: I managed to calculate all parameters but one: the Voltage of the Inductor at t=0, that is necessary to define the B parameter of the solution. I tried to calculate it considering the closed network of the inductor, R2 and the capacitor. The voltage … Read more

Detect sudden change in current and send signal to arduino

I am trying to make a smart power socket using Arduino. The socket should power even high power equipments at 230 Volt 50hz through a relay. I want my arduino to analyse the amount of current taken by the equipment, so that when there is a sudden drop in current taken by the equipment , … Read more

LTC4040 Battery Backup Power Manager

I’m reading the datasheet but not sure if battery charger, charge the battery up to natural value 4.1 Volts, using the lowest V input threshold 3,5V. A typical application says 4,5v but can the IC charge the battery in natural charging mode (4,1V) using as input a voltage low as 3,5V? From the Datasheet: “Differential … Read more