flow adding Opportunity getting Contract ID: id value of incorrect type

I have a flow were I look up the contact id and save it in a var.(see below) RECORD QUERY: Find_Contact Find one Contact record where: AccountId Equals {!varAccountId} (0012a00000ODWjeAAH) FirstName Equals {!svar_Lead.FirstName} (Sue) LastName Equals {!svar_Lead.LastName} (Super) Result Successfully found record. {!varContactId} = 0032a00000VFQsWAAX After that the flow assign it to a Opportunity sobject … Read more

Error: top picklist missing

I am using the flow builder to create a three level dependency among three Pick-lists; however, I am getting the following error message(check screenshot too): Error: top picklist missing I am using the screen component “Dependent Picklist”. My configuration for the screen component as follows: API Name: Test Object API Name: Delivery__c Picklist 1 API … Read more

Best way to store a value easily editable by apex

I want to store a text value that I can easily modify using apex. I want to use it to change the behaviour of a visual flow depending of the value in this field. I think about custom metadata type but need to use SOAP API to modify it. Static resources can only store files … Read more

Mass update through Flow – partial updated first 2 or 3 steps

I am using flow for number of mass update through list view and custom button. It was working since last year. User select set of records (less than 200) and click custom button. It will invoke flow which do series of insert,update,delete operations. Recently , user reported an peculiar issue which never happened during testing. … Read more

Copying EventLogFiles to Custom Object using Process Builder / Flow

I am looking at saving EventLogFile entries to a custom object. In particular I am interested in the ReportExport EventType. Is it possible to use configuration (not a trigger) to create a record, which populates the EventLogFile details when the event occurs? I’ve had a look at process builder, which doesn’t seem to have the … Read more