Taking data off Salesforce – but still be able to see it

We got to a point, where our data usage has over our limit. More than 65% of that data is old/disabled data. However, that data should still be available to all users of SF to view (it hold’s historical data). The idea was to take/export/delete all historical data (periodically) and upload it to another server, that can host it, with a SF visual page (or other option) to see the data.

One option I had was to install a Webservice on my IIS, and read the information that way. But that will make me develop all from scratch.

I thought of using any online storage sites (Amazon/Google) or even PAAS: Parse/Azure ?. But pretty much lost here.

Any ideas on solution that already can serve me this?

The solution should be of type: Full Monty! – Have the ability to query, browse, paging data , etc.


You might find the hugely exciting External Objects technology (currently in Pilot) quite interesting. It will allow you to store the data off platform but utilise a special kind of Custom Object to view it.

Track and represent data from sources outside Salesforce by creating external objects. Each external object maps to a table in a data source outside Salesforce, such as SharePoint®, and allows you to set up access to its data from search and custom tabs in Salesforce. Each external object relies on the connection details stored in an external data source definition.

Managing External Data Sources

Define external data sources to manage connections with data sources outside of Salesforce, such as SharePoint®. An external data source definition contains connection and authentication information to access external data. Once an external data source is set up, its visible content is mapped to external object definitions to enable searching for external data in Salesforce.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Saariko , Answer Author : Andrew Fawcett

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