The Requested Scope is not Allowed

Building a Cordova hybrid app with the Salesforce 1.5 sdk (iOS)

I’ve just cloned the SalesforceMobileSDK (ios) repo, ran the ./ script and opened x-code and selected a new salesforce hybrid app and after re-adding the www folder, I get a lovely signin screen. However upon entering valid credentials I get:

DEBUG|0|SFAuthenticationManager|oauthCoordinator:didFailWithError: Error Domain=com.salesforce.OAuth.ErrorDomain Code=666 "com.salesforce.OAuth.ErrorDomain 1804 : the+requested+scope+is+not+allowed" UserInfo=0xa5ac9d0 {error_description=the+requested+scope+is+not+allowed, NSLocalizedDescription=com.salesforce.OAuth.ErrorDomain 1804 : the+requested+scope+is+not+allowed, error=1804}, authInfo: <SFOAuthInfo: 0xa5b6c90, authType=SFOAuthTypeUserAgent>

This is leading to some consternation. I’ve done some homework with aunt google, and it seems there was a bug, 2-3 months ago that was supposedly addressed (fixed) in the sdk that resolved this.

My Scope is set to: oauthScopes = [“web”,”api”];

Additionally, I just re-checked and re-pulled the repo, to try to address this issue.

Any help is appreciated.


According to and

We should not set connected app for full access but

Perform requests on your behalf at any time
Access and manage your data

If you’re developing a hybrid/web app, you also need the following additional scope:

Provide access to your data via the Web

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin P , Answer Author : pooran

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