Trigger : Need Help for showing a nicer error

I have created a trigger for the following behavior in my Salesforce org:
When the user changes the Account Owner, it automatically changes the Contract Owner on the related contracts before update.
However if some mandatory fields are not filled in the contract page the user received a red system error and that’s what Iwould like to enhance.

I have written that trigger, don’t hesitate to correct it because I am biginning in sAlesforce Apex code and I need to learn! Thanks a lot

trigger TriggerUpdateContractOwnerFromAcount on Account (Before Update) {
    for(Account Acc{

    List<Contract> C = [select id, ownerid, AccountId,Account_Number__c,Contact__c,Name,status,StartDate,EndDate,OwnerExpirationNotice,
    Other_Costs__c from Contract where = :Acc.Id ];

    for (Contract Ctr : C)
    if(Ctr.Ownerid != Acc.Ownerid & Ctr.EndDate !=null||Ctr.Account_Number__c!= null||Ctr.Contact__c!= null||Ctr.Name!= null||Ctr.status!=null||Ctr.StartDate!= null||Ctr.EndDate!=null||Ctr.OwnerExpirationNotice!=null||
    Ctr.Contract_Type__c!= null||Ctr.Annual_Value__c!=null||Ctr.Annual_Volume__c!=null||Ctr.UOM__c!= null||Ctr.Estimate_of_annual_PBIT__c!=null||Ctr.Capital_Required__c!= null||Ctr.Budgeted__c!=null||
    //Acc.owner.Adderror('Please complete mandatory fields on Contract before Changing the Account Owner');
    Ctr.Ownerid= Acc.Ownerid;
    update C;

    for (Contract Ctr : C)
    if(Ctr.Ownerid != Acc.Ownerid & Ctr.EndDate ==null||Ctr.Account_Number__c== null||Ctr.Contact__c== null||Ctr.Name==null||Ctr.status==null||Ctr.StartDate== null||Ctr.EndDate==null||Ctr.OwnerExpirationNotice==null||
    Ctr.Contract_Type__c==null||Ctr.Annual_Value__c==null||Ctr.Annual_Volume__c==null||Ctr.UOM__c== null||Ctr.Estimate_of_annual_PBIT__c==null||Ctr.Capital_Required__c== null||Ctr.Budgeted__c==null||

    //add error message if mandatory fields are empty in related contract
    Acc.owner.Adderror('Please complete mandatory fields on Contract before Changing the Account Owner');


And this is the error I get on the page “Select New Owner” for Transfer (=Link Change owner on account page) :

Review all error messages below to correct your data.

Error: Apex trigger TriggerUpdateContractOwnerFromAcount caused an
unexpected exception, contact your administrator:
TriggerUpdateContractOwnerFromAcount: execution of BeforeUpdate

caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed. First exception on row
0 with id 800O00000002Z01IAE; first error:
FIELD_FILTER_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Value does not exist or does not
match filter criteria.: [AccountId]:
Trigger.TriggerUpdateContractOwnerFromAcount: line 15, column 1

Hope this make sense, many thanks.


If you are looking for a custom, more user friendly error, then you are doing the correct thing using the addError(...) method(s) of sObject.

However, you are not properly handling the update code, or adding the error. haagen’s approach is close in that case. You need to attempt the update using the Database.update(...) method and store a reference to the results. I would suggest maintaining a collection of the error messages, concatenating them into one string, then using that string as the error message in the addError() call.

Additionally, you are likely to hit governor limits with your current implementation. You are querying the Contracts of each Account, which could lead to 200 queries made. The limit is 100, so we also need to redo a little of the logic for querying and updating the Contracts.

trigger TriggerUpdateContractOwnerFromAcount on Account (Before Update) {
    // only maintain a list of the Contracts after we have updated them
    List<Contract> contractsToUpdate = new List<Contract>();
    // bulkify your select by placing it in the collection field of the for loop, this way SFDC takes care of bulk querying
    for (Contract Ctr : [SELECT <YOUR FIELDS> FROM Contract WHERE AccountId IN]) {
        // since you are in an update trigger, you have the newMap field on Trigger that lets you pick out the Account related to the Contract
        Account Acc = Trigger.newMap.get(Ctr.AccountId);
        if(<YOUR LOGIC>){
            Ctr.Ownerid= Acc.Ownerid;

    // using true because I am assuming you do not actually want a partially successful save.  use false if you do want some to succeed and others to fail.
    Database.SaveResult[] results = Database.update(contractsToUpdate, true);
    List<String> errorMessages = new List<String>();
    for (Database.SaveResult sr : results) {
        if (!sr.isSuccess()) {
            for (Database.Error e : sr.getErrors()) {

    if (errorMessages.size() > 0) {
        // only need to add the error to the first object for the error to end everything[0].addError(String.join(errorMessages, '\n'));

Source : Link , Question Author : syntaxis , Answer Author : Andrew Monshizadeh

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